Wren is funnier than she knows.

Today as we were getting ready to go out, I asked her, “Can you say shoe?”

She replied, “Yes.”  I believe her though she never did follow up with proof.

Tomorrow is her 18-month check-up.   A little early, but it’ll have to do!  She has said lots of words but chooses never to repeat them when prompted.  Hopefully this won’t set her back too much.



Wren knows the sounds that a few animals make, and so I was hoping to go over them with her again.

I asked her, “What sound does a doggy make?”

She didn’t reply, so I followed up with a prompt. “Woof woof?”

To which she confirmed, “Yep!”

Uh Oh

Like most babies, Wren has fallen in love with the phrase “uh oh.”

As I was getting ready this morning, she was happily playing in her crib.  I overheard her say “uh oh” really loudly but didn’t think anything of it since “uh oh” is only used correctly less than half of the time.  Most of the time she just repeats it to make her daddy laugh.

Well, when I entered her room, I noticed that the hair clip she had been playing with this morning was on the floor beside her crib.  Handing the clip back to her I said, “So I guess there was something behind your ‘uh oh.'”  She quickly responded by throwing her clip onto her nightstand while cheerfully saying “uh oh!”  This was followed by a quieter and sadder “uh oh.”