I went for a run

This is my first day of the first week since having children that I feel like I can have the morning to do whatever I want.  So I went for a “run.”

I last went for a “run” at the gym last winter.  I did pretty horribly back then (like 16 minute miles), so I wasn’t expecting myself to make any accomplishments other than getting to the stop sign at the half mile mark and eventually getting back.

Not only did I go further, but I actually managed to “run” further without walking breaks and to “run” further than intended.  And that makes me worried.

The best part about being  a fair-weather runner is knowing that when you dust off and lace up those shoes, you will do the worst run of the season.  You console yourself knowing that not only can it get better but that it must get better.

You see, I’m upset because I did my first “comeback run” better than any of my other “return to running” runs.  In fact, I even completed my course faster than my lifetime running average.

Today’s pace:  12’12”

All-time average pace:  12’26”

Best annual average pace (2010): 11:37″

How am I supposed to compete with that?   I wasn’t looking for those kinds of goals, so I’ll just keep the next goal simpler for now:  Run the 1.4 miles without stopping.


2010 races in review

This past Sunday marked my fifth race in my first year ever of running.  I am very excited about what I’ve accomplished.  I never thought that I would be able to run a mile, let alone just over three, without stopping.


1 5/15/10 Falcon 5K Dale City, VA 37:01
2 7/11/10 Rainbow Falls 5K San Francisco, CA 31:04
3 7/23/10 Crystal City Twilight 5K Arlington, VA 37:44
4 12/5/10 South Berkeley Christmas Parade 5K Inwood, WV 33:30*
1 6/19/10 Clarksburg 2 Mile Clarksburg, WV 21:02

* Unofficial

This means that I have raced a (small) total of 14.4 miles in 2 hours 40 minutes and 21 seconds.  My average pace is 11:13.  My best pace was 9:59, and my worst was 12:09.

I have raced on the East and West coasts.  I have raced flat routes and hilly ones.  I have raced in the 100 degree heat of summer and the first flurry of winter.

I see lots of room for improvement, and so I look forward to breaking all my records next year with the help of my new running partner pictured below.

day three, part one

We got up “early” today at 6:30 (9:30 EST). How nice it is to sleep in but be awake before anyone else!

We took public transportation to our 5k race in the Golden Gate National Park successfully. Jenna had never rode on public transportation before, and I normally get on the wrong bus… Fortunately while waiting for a transfer, we met a nice man sporting his running shorts and shoes. He was a regular runner at the race and showed us how to get there. So many people here are really nice; it’s so refreshing!

We ran down Kennedy Drive and saw the California Academy of Sciences (beautiful architecture), a lovely botanical garden, some other pretty things, and of course the waterfall. The waterfall was under a large hill with a giant cross statue signifying the first sermon in English to be done on that coast.

My finish time was 31:10. A personal best! I’m happy because I shaved six minutes off from my first race (37:02). Jenna finished at 44:50. We were both awarded ribbons for finishing.