Family Reunion in Texas

My dad’s side of the family had a reunion this weekend in the Lone Star state, and we were glad to go.  I’ve never been to Texas before (except for a layover or two at DFW).  I have always pictured Texas as a flat and brown state.  I was expecting cacti, oh I don’t know, everywhere.  I was pleasantly surprised by the lush green hills that welcomed us as we drove into the country outside of Houston.  I think the word that Marji used to describe the scenery was “grashious.”

Here’s a picture of everyone that could come:

(I just love how my dad and my daughter are looking at each other and not the camera.)

There were many great activities.  Here are pictures of some of them:

Playing Fetch

Jumping on a Trampoline

Playing Corn Hole

Hitting a Piñata

Meeting New Cousins

Catching Tarantulas

Not pictured were the hayride, the game of chicken foot (variation of dominoes), and eating.  (Yes, eating Texas-style BBQ is an activity.)

My cousins were great hosts, and Texas is a great place to visit.  I would love to return sometime soon!