baltimore’s brews

The Heavy Seas beers are brewed by Clipper City brewery in a soon to be expanded warehouse.  Our guide Kelly knows her stuff and engaged the large group with great enthusiasm.  The tour focused on the production of the “pyrate” beers and specifically the equipment that is used.

The $5 tour includes 5 samples and a pilsner glass to take home.  I really enjoyed their seasonal Oktoberfest.  Their other beers were all right and the flavor of cascade hops burst through.

For dinner, we walked from the hotel to Pratt Street Ale House.  The food was general pub fare, but the beer was pretty good.  They didn’t offer a sampler, and much of what they had was exhausted from their contribution to the Baltimore Beer Week which had just ended an hour prior to our arrival.  However, what was leftover (I had the Irish Red) was pretty good.

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I found it very interesting that the bottle cap would be invented in Baltimore.  It made me proud as an American that we would be the ones to invent a way to preserve beverages.  Yes, as a country we’ve done more important things such as walking on the moon, but this is something tangible that I know average Americans appreciate every day.