Where Babies Come From

A mommy goes to the hospital, and a doctor gives her a teeny tiny little baby.  She swallows the little baby.  The little baby grows in her tummy until it is really big.  Then she goes back to the hospital where the doctor cuts it out of her belly.  And that’s where babies come from.

– Chickadee, age 4

Whatchawant, mom?

Chickadee has just run up to me with a marker and pad.

“Whatchawant, mom?”

Not entirely sure what she meant, I assumed that she wanted me to request a drawing.

“A giraffe, please.”

She looks boggled, points the marker at me, and says, “Giraffe. is. not. a. food.”

“Ohh…  Errm…” I contemplate my next move in this dance.

“Fish?  Fish. is. a. food.” After this suggestion, she adds “Three sharks coming up.”

The Fate of Mr. Devereaux’s Cello

A while ago, I subscribed to The Daily Post which, if you didn’t know, gives daily and weekly writing prompts.   I’ve written a few posts based on the prompts, but those will remain in my draft folder likely forever.  And you’re welcome for that.

The prompt for this week piqued my interest.  The challenge is to write a story in exactly fifty words.  I found myself sharing the following micro story with my girls throughout the day… which is probably why it sounds like a nursery rhyme.  Still I like it enough that I will publish it here.

The Fate of Mr. Devereaux’s Cello

Mr. Deveraux was not just any fellow

For he was quite skilled at playing the cello.

Oh, the lovely sounds produced by that bow!

It was said only he could make a wasp mellow.

Alas one day, he let out a bellow,

“Oh no! Why is my prized cello yellow?” 

Funny Conversations with Friends and Family


I had a thought about my life pre-Wren, and rather than saying “While we were waiting for a placement” I said “When I was pregnant with Wren.” I couldn’t believe I had thought that! I guess it shows how much Wren is my child.

Now that I am actually pregnant, I know that this is a time period that cannot be mistaken. Still I am laughing at similar conversations with friends and family.

Okey said rather proudly, “Do you realize you will be the first of our college friends to go through two pregnancies?”

At dinner, a neighbor asked me, “So have you had any different cravings this go round?”

How we got our baby to sleep through the night (and how you can, too)!

We wanted to share how we managed this breakthrough with our other parenting friends out there who may be operating on minimal sleep.  Here’s our eight-day formula that you can use to get your own infant to sleep through the night.

Sunday  –  Go to the farmer’s market early in the morning.  Then go to church.  Then go to a park, perhaps a national forest.  Find a park ranger and shake her hand for a scavenger hunt.

Shake Hands with a Park Ranger

Monday – Have a grandparent visit with a family member that your baby has never met.  She will be held by loving arms.  Being passed back and forth will assure her that she is loved by many people.

Wren and her Aunty Ling Ling

Tuesday – With family members gone, schedule an evening session with other people.  For us, we went to our adoption support group.

Wednesday – Take your child with you to your former workplace.  Then to lunch with your former boss.

Thursday – Have more family members visit.  Preferably an aunt and an uncle with whom she is already familiar.

Friday – With family members gone, schedule a visit with someone who is curious about your child’s welfare.  For us, we had scheduled a post-placement visit with our adoption social worker.

Saturday – Go on a day trip!  Take twice as long to get there.  Going to a popular summer destination such as a beach town like we did is perfect!  Again, introduce your baby to more family members. Then take her to a sports game in the evening.  We found that a soccer game is very exciting for a three-month old.  Especially so when her cousin is the one who is singing the national anthem!  Fortunately, the fans at the game we went to had vuvuzelas which she learned how to eventually sleep through.  (I think that this is an important part of the process.)

Wren and her Cousin Faith

Sunday – The only repeat activity from the previous Sunday is going to church.  You will want to schedule a late evening dinner at the neighbor’s house.  Bathe her right before bedtime.  Put her in a familiar place and sweetly kiss her good night.  You will find that she will sleep through the night!

Disclaimer:  Okay, this isn’t for real.  And, just because she slept through one night does not mean that she slept through the next night.   Take last night.  I was up at 10:30, 11:30, 2:00, 4:00, 6:30.

I’ve been counting sheep

My mum and dad drove all the way from Ohio to ground me. (Me, a married 30-year old homeowner.)  My house hadn’t been kept to their standards.  My dad was also sponge painting the foyer with a loofa while I was stuck in my bedroom because he was tired of our white walls.

Oh, and then while enjoying a nice lunch at a restaurant with Okey, the manager sat down at our table and proceeded to eat everything on my plate after pushing me aside.  Then he was belligerent when I refused to pay for my meal.

A friend who is a professional photographer asked me to help shoot a wedding with her.  It wasn’t until I used up an entire memory card did I realize that every picture I took was worthless.  I hadn’t actually focused on anything because a particular setting on the lens was set to manual.

And then an anonymous reader commented that I needed to work on the introductions to my blog posts.  He didn’t like my writing style.  I considered never blogging again.

I’ve been having some strange dreams lately. How about you?

ken jennings made my day

It’s been my secret desire to be tweeted by a celebrity.  I had high hopes that it would be Simon Pegg or perhaps Joel McHale.  Never did I imagine that Ken Jennings would be my first.

While I am slightly embarrassed over the topic of “conversation” I had with Ken Jennings, it won’t stop me from sharing the Google results that were uncovered today.  “Foot fetish” returns 13.7 million hits, and “nose fetish” isn’t too far behind at 12.2 million hits.  (A Google search for the general term fetish returns over 147 million hits.)

It was a nice relief to see other responses on Twitter that indicated that, um, I’m not the only one that prefers noses.

Well, which do you think is sexier?  Noses or toes? Oh, and which celebrity would you ever like to make contact with?