Where Babies Come From

A mommy goes to the hospital, and a doctor gives her a teeny tiny little baby.  She swallows the little baby.  The little baby grows in her tummy until it is really big.  Then she goes back to the hospital where the doctor cuts it out of her belly.  And that’s where babies come from.

– Chickadee, age 4

Maintenance Mode

This has been our status for the past little bit.  There are still tasks to be done, but we feel like we had reached a resting point.  For example, the girls’ room still needs a valance sewn (and the hardware installed), but the room is livable without it.  I still need to finish knitting the nursing shawl, but the malong I sewed can work in a pinch.

At my routine OB visit yesterday, I found out that they went ahead and scheduled a room for me at the hospital for next week.  Evidently, it’s been decided that the baby needs to come out.  The plan is for me to be induced.  If she’s still breech, that means I’ll undergo a c-section.  I will find out on Monday via an ultrasound what the game plan is.

The baby’s rate of growth just hasn’t been optimal.

Even though she’ll be born at term, we’ve gone ahead and bought a few preemie outfits.  Okey picked out a cute little outfit she can wear to church, and I got her a couple of little onesies.  We got her a couple of little open bottom sleep sacks as well.  Everything is so… little.

Born at six pounds seven ounces, I never thought that Wren would be my big girl.

I feel like we made a million phone calls yesterday.  A call was made to each parent set and sibling group, and then we called our closest friends.  This wasn’t something I wanted any of them to learn first here on the blog.

I had a few good laughs swapping stories with a lot of them as they must have sensed I need cheering up.

I told one sister-in-law that we went out shopping for a sleeper sofa earlier in the day.  I ended up sitting across from the sofa we wanted to buy, and the clerk was showing me the different color options.  I had to tell him that he had to bring the fabric samples closer to me.  I wasn’t going to get up and that I was having a baby the next week.  The sister-in-law joked that I should have just bought the couch I was sitting on and asked for home delivery… I’d never have to get up!

One sister said I’d be the first in my family to have a c-section.  Yep, that’s me!  Having babies the non-traditional way.  😉

So here we are with another status update:  We’re having a baby next week!

We’re moving out of maintenance mode.  We’ve had to rearrange our schedules for the next few weeks so the next few days are going to be crazy like a whirlwind.

35 Weeks

Today marks the beginning of the 35th week. This means I only have 35 days to go!

I saw the high risk OB today, and he is actually releasing me from his care since he feels that the baby girl is doing well. She’s still got some issues, but after all of this monitoring, she hasn’t gotten worse or developed any new problems. I’m relieved to be back in the realm of a “normal” pregnancy.

I’ll have to update with a baby bump photo sometime, but I’m really not big — a fact that people remind me of when they can’t believe I am due next month. I can still wear my rings and see my ankles. My shoes still fit. There are a few non-maternity tops from my closet I can wear, too. Aside from the inability to sleep through the night (no one warns you about the leg cramps!), I am feeling quite well.

I went out and about with a pregnant friend yesterday. She is only 20 weeks pregnant, but according to Okey, she looks further along than me. I suspect it’s because she has such a small frame that her uterus has nowhere to go but out. Anyway, as soon as we walked into this one shop, the owner exclaimed, “Oh no! I don’t want you breaking your waters in here!” Trust me, we didn’t want that to happen either.

34 Weeks

It feels like it’s time for a pregnancy update, so here we go.

Good news: Chickadee is no longer transverse breech.

Bad news: She is now frank breech.

The doctors say she has time to get head down still as I’m only 34 weeks. She has certainly been kicking up a storm since Sunday afternoon and so I’m thankful for these little reassurances of her well-being. Also, I’m glad that she’s not kicking into my ribs.

Chickadee was measuring in the 25th percentile at the anatomy scan two weeks ago, and at yesterday’s appointment we learned that she is barely in the 20th percentile. The high risk OB says that he’ll be concerned if she reaches the 10th percentile and will recommend getting her out at that point. He scheduled another anatomy scan in three weeks if I’m “still pregnant.”  (I hope to be!)

The high risk OB still wants to see me weekly to monitor things.  The week by week decision making is starting to wear on me.

I still haven’t packed my hospital bag.  I feel that once I pack it then she will come, so she can’t come if I don’t pack it, right?  I admit it’s not very rational and actually very superstitious.

The room is nearly done.  Okey’s family came this weekend and hauled away the furniture we don’t need anymore.  Okey has since painted the room and ripped up the carpet.  The new carpet will be installed tomorrow afternoon, and then we’ll start putting the furniture in there this weekend.

On another note, all of this pregnancy talk has me wondering what Wren was like in her biological mother’s womb.  Was she very active?  (I can’t imagine my toddler not being active.)  I wonder if my curry-loving daughter got this from her biological mother.  (I’ve read that mothers who eat spicy food usually have children who enjoy spicy food.  The same goes for vegetables, and we all know how much Wren loves her green vegetables.)  I get sad not knowing the answers, so I think that I will ask her in my next letter.

32 Weeks (8 Months!)

Do we remember our French lesson from the other day? Jamais deux sans trois. Never two without a third. When it rains, it pours.

Ok, so last week’s biophysical profile showed a baby with decreased fetal movement. Un.

The tech also did an anatomy scan which revealed that the baby is smaller than average. Deux.

The OB didn’t say anything about that to me so I wasn’t worried about it, but she did refer me to a high risk specialist who I saw today for an additional biophysical profile and non-stress test. My OB had hoped this new OB would shed light on what is going on. In her words, my medical history is nothing to write home about. Still, she wanted me to start taking a betamethasone steroid to help the fetal lung development should the little one need to come out sooner.

Well, during today’s non-stress test (where the baby’s heart rate is monitored as well as any contractions I may be having) there was a little issue with her heart rate. Trois.

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