Summer Craft Round-Up (Part 1): Sew This, Knit That

I have been a busy bee these past few weeks.  It all started when little Chickadee was under quarantine.  Not only were we staying home, but she was taking solid naps.  Wren has always been a good napper, so I took advantage of the situation and set up shop in the basement.

First, I took out this unfinished quilt and finally attached the binding.  It was one of those stories where you wonder why you let it sit unfinished for half a year when it took one afternoon to complete it.




It is not perfect, but it is the second quilt of this size I have ever made, and it is d-o-n-e!

– –

Then, feeling bad about having neglected my needles, I was determined to finish yet another project.  My mother had sent some bamboo yarn my way.  It was not enough for me to make a sweater that I’ve been dreaming about, at least not one in my size!  So I did some arithmetic and scaled it down many sizes.  It will fit a 3-6 month old baby.




My Ravelry notes are here.

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THEN some leftover squares from the table runner I made back in December were calling my name.  I didn’t know what to do with them, so many evenings you could find me in the basement rearranging the squares.  After reading Modern Log Cabin Quilts, a really great book I checked out from my local library, I found my inspiration.





The greatest part about finishing this project, aside from the finishing of it, was sending it off in the mail.  I really liked it, and I’m pretty glad that it’s going to a good home.  (Happy Belated  10th Wedding Anniversary, Andy and Lindy!)

– –

And THEN I decided that I was done knitting my nursing shawl.  It wasn’t shaping up the way I wanted it to.  I like the pattern a lot, but the wool/acrylic blend just didn’t drape.  So I knit a few more repeats until it ended on a good colour for symmetry and called it a baby blanket.  The cast-on edges like to curl so I’m contemplating what to do about that.  So technically, this project is not done because I need to … add a detailed edging?  … line the back?  Hopefully, I’ll figure it out soon enough and then I’ll come back with more photos.

– –

Oh, and Chicka is finally a good napper!  Alas, she’s awake so I’ve got to run.  Until next time.  🙂


2013: The year of making stuff

Here is a list of all the things that I made last year:

Two small quilts (although one was started the prior year).

Two pairs of fingerless mitts (one for me and one for a niece).

One sewn hat and two knit hats.

A cocoon.

Leg warmers.

… One sock.

A set of burp cloths.

One pillowcase.

One purse.

One malong.

An infinity scarf.

One baby girl.

I wasn’t very good at documenting everything I made last year, and I seriously doubt that I will do a better job of blogging everything this year.  I just hope that I can continue making good use of my knitting needles and sewing machine.

Have a Happy Crafty New Year, Everyone!

– –



The mail lady just dropped off a package which came from the exotic land of Denmark! This is part of the secret gift exchange that I mentioned earlier this week.  It looked like every postal worker who came in contact with this box took a nibble of the cookies as the tin was open and there were some halves strewn about! I didn’t care and dove straight in… Yummy! She also included historical notes about each cookie.

Time for me to put the kettle back on and do a little “research.”

I made that! (Quilted Table Runner Edition)


I thought I could whip up some table runners as gifts this year for people, but it took me four weeks to make this one …so… oops.  I really had a lot of fun drawing on graph paper before setting to work cutting and then sewing all of these squares, but it was tedious work, all that cutting and sewing. Continue reading

I made that! (Fleece Rag Quilt Bag Edition)

It’s no secret that I’m crafty, so I usually end up with odds and ends from other people.  My friend Jenna gave me some leftover squares from a fleece blanket she made for her nieces.  She figured I could probably make something out of those 28 squares.

I started to sew those squares together.  Wrong side together.  Piece by piece.   Eventually I made rows of three squares.  Then I twice made a square of nine squares.  I didn’t know what I was going to make, but I just wanted to clear my mind by crafting something.  It started to take shape.  Was it meant to be a box?

My mother-in-law gave me some cotton fabric that she had intended to turn into a rag quilt, but she never got around to it.  I realized that my “box” needed more structure, so I took the pink fabric with green polka dots and ironed on some fusible interfacing to make a sturdy lining.  Once I got the lining inserted, I realized that the box was too narrow.  Was it meant to be a purse? Continue reading

I made that! (Malong Edition)

I’m hoping that the nesting energy I’ve heard about comes soon because there is so much to be done before little Chickadee (yup, that’s her nickname!) comes.  We’ve started to clear out the guest room, and we’re in the final stages of picking out the room’s color.

I started to knit a nursing shawl while we were at the beach.  Even though I’m three balls in, there isn’t much to show off yet.  So, I did what I do when I get frustrated with how slowly I knit.  I took out the sewing machine.

While at the beach, I was introduced to a malong.  A malong is a basically a tubular piece of fabric that is multi-functional.  It’s primarily used in the Philippines although I think different cultures have their own version.  It is a piece of clothing, functions as a bag, can be used as a changing room, etc.  It is also used to carry newborns and toddlers.  I think it would also make a nice nursing cover for the newborn.


Continue reading

Burp Cloths

An acquaintance I know through several people was expecting a little girl, and I asked if there was anything she still needed.  Her answer was burp cloths as she hadn’t been able to find any.  I searched for heavy duty cloth diapers which work as burp cloths as well, and likewise, I was unsuccessful.  I decided that I could make her a set of burp cloths, so I picked up my knitting needles.  When I got word that she had already given birth, I put down the needles and took out the sewing machine.

I settled on this pattern by Made by Rae which didn’t look fancy or difficult.  Very quickly, I made three beautiful burp cloths.

I just bound off the knitted burp cloth today, and the completed set is on its way to the new mom and her daughter.  I followed the pattern for a chevron baby blanket found on the Purl Bee.  Of course, I used much smaller cotton yarn and size 7 needles.  It was a fun little project overall.

For my future reference, here is what I did:

Cast on 46 via a knitted cast on.  (14 stitches per section, plus 2 at the beginning and 2 at the end)

Knit 14 rows of yellow,

(4 rows of white, 4 rows of yellow) repeat once,

30 rows of variegated yarn,

(4 rows of yellow, 4 rows of white) repeat once,

Knit 13 rows of yellow and bind off on wrong side using method found on blanket link.

Handmade Burp Cloths

(The sewn burp cloths measure 17.5″ x 11.5″ – to be folded lengthwise when used.  I forgot to block/measure the knitted one, but it was a good size to drape over the shoulder.)

Stone Roller: Wren’s First Costume

Our church has a Fall Carnival every year for the community, and a lot of people show up in costume. We were dressed as a bowling team.  Okey and I cheated a bit because, well, we were actually on a bowling team for a couple of years so we just wore our old shirts.

Using an old pillow case and some scraps, I sewed Wren’s shirt following this Small Dream Factory pattern.  The size is supposed to be for a 12-18 month old boy, but it barely fit my then seven-month old girl.  I had to put in a last-minute gusset-like allowance on the sleeves for her.  The collar was a bit wonky, so I just made my own following this simple advice at BurdaStyle.

I liked that we used the old bowling ball bag as the diaper bag, but I think that fact was lost on everyone there which is why I’m explaining it to you here.  Oh, well.