vlog: a song for my uke

My first video blog entry:

As far as I can tell, here are the chords:

C     Csus4

F     F(sus2?)

G     Gsus2    G

C     Csus4     C


the jumping flea

This year, Okey are celebrating three days of Christmas.  One for just us.  One with my family.  And one with his family.  So, on today, the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me one jumping flea.  I am very excited to learn how to play my soprano ukulele.  I already figured out a few chords on the uke, and I hope to learn at least one carol by Saturday.

possible stage names

Although I will never earn a living playing the banjo, I think I’ve come up with the perfect stage name. Polly Esther.  But if I were to play a modified, electric banjo, the name would be more hard core.  Polly Urethane.

What name would you pick if you were in a band?


good news

My banjo, it’s fixed! Much to my surprise, it’s not uncommon for that little piece to snap.  And even more to my surprise, my banjo had been tuned very closely to the correct notes even though I haven’t had a tuner since early July.  (Maybe I do have musical talent after all?)  There was a lot of tension on the string, which is what caused that little plastic piece to snap, but it was because the g-string was wound in reverse.  (Maybe I don’t have common sense after all?)

While Dave was fixing my banjo, I was eyeing the two Mahalo ukuleles on the wall.  I had convinced myself that if he weren’t able to repair my banjo that day, that I would simply have to go home with the soprano.  Alas, he fixed her up pretty good with a metal spike in no time.

Here’s an old picture of the gal in action:


bad news

My banjo, it broke.  😦  I lost my tuner around the fourth of July, so I’ve been self-tuning her.  I must have tuned the g-string up too much over time, making it very tight, and it snapped the string holder on the neck.  I’m going to bring it to Kingstowne Acoustic Music as soon as I possible can where hopefully Dave can fix it for me!