Change of Address: We’ve gone nomadic.

We are adjusting to some changes.  The girls and I have moved back “home” to live with my parents while our house back in Virginia is put on the market.

I use the word “home” loosely.  Although this is where my parents mostly reside, this isn’t where I grew up.  Sure, I spent my summers here, but it’s not like I can call up old friends from high school.  I don’t know anyone here.  To keep loneliness at bay, for my girls and myself, I’ve decided to join an activity time at the local library which starts next month.

We got here on Tuesday, and already we have had a few adventures.  We found a little playground in town.  We weren’t there for very long, maybe half an hour, and I saw a couple push their child down the street in a stroller.  I hope next time we can find someone to play with.

The girls picked out two kites at the local Wally mart on Wednesday.  Wren chose Nemo while Chickadee chose “an angry bird.”  They enjoyed watching the kites fly in the sky, and Chickadee only let go of hers once.

Grampa also drove us around the farm this morning.  It was a delightful time.  We made a short stop atop a mossy knoll in the forest.  It was picture-perfect and serene.  I think the girls and I will have to go back.

Despite the great adventures being had, the only ones willing to take a nap are gramma and grampa.  😉  Hopefully, the girls will rediscover the beauty of napping while we call the farm home.  I really could use some quiet moments.


5 thoughts on “Change of Address: We’ve gone nomadic.

  1. I had been wondering if there was moving plans based on some of your instagram posts! 🙂 The farm is definitely the perfect place to explore! It’s such a beautiful place! Hope you all have a fun time there!

    • Thanks. They have been so active every waking moment… waking up before the sun every day even! I’m having fun too. There’s something rewarding about watching your children relive your childhood memories.

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