Chickadee and Me

Twice a week, big sis Wren goes off to preschool and I’m left with wee Chickadee.

For the first hour, she’ll ask “Where Wren?” at least a dozen times.  “Oh, Wren at school,” she repeats after me.

Chickadee misses her sister A LOT, but she’s come to appreciate alone time with me.  Truth be told, I’ve come to appreciate alone time with her, too.  I have hardly had a chance to be one on one with her, and I was nervous about what to expect.

Right now we’re listening to Daddy’s upbeat Celtic music, and the Scotch Irish in her is showing through.  She’s a twirlin’ and clapping to the strong beat.

She’s asking for a dance parter, of which I’m her only option, so… until next time.  🙂