The Swarming of Yellow Jackets

(Warning:  Not for the faint of heart.)

An idyllic moment turned catastrophic.  Two weeks ago on Thursday, my girls and I were playing with the water hose in the backyard as I was tending to the plants when we were suddenly, and without warning, attacked by yellow jackets. Chickadee was stung first, then Wren, and then they came for me.  There were dozens upon dozens of them swarming us, so I scooped up Chickadee and we ran into the house.

There were so many, and as I was trying to make sense what was happening, my first thought was “Have killer bees made it to Virginia?” – Polly

They followed us into the house, and I instinctively grabbed the house phone to call my husband before I realized that the yellow jackets had followed us in and were unrelenting in their assault.   Continue reading