Sleeping Beauties

I was afraid that the three-year old Wren had finally outgrown her naps, but as I write this she is snoozing in her “bed.”

Her little sister is the delicate sleeper.  Once in her crib, she cries as if you’ve just torn a limb from her body.  I guess I have, if she still considers me as one of her appendages.  She was the perfect little sleeper as a newborn.  I remember her sleeping through the night at six weeks and being told by the doctor not to worry.  But then something changed only a month later, and she gave up napping and that’s when the screams began.

We moved Wren out of the shared bedroom and into the playroom and onto the futon.  It was a temporary solution that’s lasted for nearly a year.  Sometimes Wren wants to go back to her old bed, but Chickadee protests.  Wren is the classic toddler tossing to and fro all night long, and this disturbs Chickadee who is also a frightfully light sleeper.

Every night we make the girls hug and kiss and say they love each other.  Despite the many clashings throughout the day, this always resets the mood.  Last week, Wren said, “Nigh-nigh, Fauna.”  She added, “Don’t scream.”

Wren has not always been the easiest to get down for the night either.  She is a snuggly cuddler.  Our most brilliant moment in parenting came when we told her about the princess who sleeps.  And wasn’t Wren a princess?  Doesn’t Wren want to sleep?  I’ve found this trick works to get her in a dress, but I’m astonished it also worked for getting her to remain in her bed.

Sometime not too long ago, Chickadee started napping again.  It has been a welcome respite.  I’m just not ready for Wren to give hers up now.