More than Culture Shock

I didn’t intend to make a whole other blog post devoted to the following topic, but I wanted to at least reference it once.  So please bear with me:

On our first venture into town on our vacation, I went into protective mother bear mode.  I don’t think I’ve fully recovered from the Texas incident.  It was all for nothing, though, as the only time we felt out of place was in the poultry section of the local Food Lion, and it had nothing to do with our family that doesn’t match.

I still don’t understand what a person would do with chicken paws.

Instagram Recap

Okey and I made a lot of observations about racial disparity during the second half of our trip.  The Paula Deen scandal broke before we had left, and it was a hot topic on the television the first week we were away.   However, it was reading this article (specifically the fifth paragraph) by Natasha Sistrunk Robinson at Urban Faith that I was able to put my finger on what I was observing in Northern North Carolina.  It saddens me to know that Paula Deen is not alone in her deeds.  I’m still in disbelief as to how many people rallied to support her.

What we observed going back north included a lot of white people in positions of ownership and being the face of the business whereas a lot of black people were in positions of labor and worked behind closed doors.  (It’s interesting the things you see when you are looking for a place to change your child’s diaper.)

I want my daughter to grow up in a world where she can be allowed out of the kitchen and work in the front of the house.  I want her to know that her options are endless.   She can be a mathematician, a lawyer, a doctor, an engineer, etc.  I want to say that our country has made progress.  I think the fact that someone using such a derogatory word has made headlines shows that we have made some progress, but I agree with Ms. Robinson.  We are not past racism.


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