Blog Talk

As I mentioned in my last post, there are a few changes coming to this blog.  I’ll keep talking about my family, life in general, and what I consider important issues (usually related to adoption).  The biggest, and perhaps only, change is that I won’t be talking about knitting here anymore.  Oh, I’ll still be knitting, but I’ll be talking about it over at Knit Me for a Loop!

While taking stock of this blog, I came across a couple of posts about race in my draft folder that I wrote last summer and this summer.  They’re a little raw, but I hope you’ll bear with me.   They’ll go up this morning in this order:

1.  More Than Culture Shock : After we returned from our family vacation in the “South” last summer, I wrote about the racial divide among the workforce I noticed there and how this could affect an impressionable child.  This took place amidst the Paula Deen controversy.

2.  About Race in America and Adoption : Shortly after we adopted Wren, Trayvon Martin was killed by his neighborhood watch coordinator.  Two years later this summer, countless more black men and boys made the news as they were killed by police.  In this post, I recognize my white privilege and how one of my daughters will never have it.


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