Quick Update on the Girls

Chickadee is napping! And Wren has decided we are done playing our matching game, so I figure I can write a quick post about them.

First, the baby is eleven months old. She is just learning to stand unassisted which means walking is a ways off still. She is a parrot. She likes to say mama and dada and doggy and cat. I think she even calls out for her sissy by name, but this fact has not been independently verified by a non-biased party. She also said cup the other day. I’m cautious to say these are real words because she only says them when prompted.

Next, the toddler. Wren has an imagination, that one, and a sense of humor. She is a blast to play with. Today, she started to correctly identify colors today IN A YARN STORE of all places. I couldn’t be more proud.
Lastly, she has discovered the usefulness of pockets. I hope I catch her treasures before they end up in the washing machine.

We keep busy between playdates at the park, kids concerts, and trips to the zoo. Its been a great summer.



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