Happy Cake Day!

My sister Ling Ling and I are twelve years plus one day apart in age. And because we live where we do, we actually get to share our birthdays for one hour. Today is her birthday, and tomorrow is mine. But when the clock strikes midnight, and I officially age
one year, it is still her birthday because she lives one time zone behind me.

I know you read this blog, dear sister, but that you may not get to it later. I hope you had some yummy cake, because according to my two girls, that is what birthdays are all about.



2 thoughts on “Happy Cake Day!

    • Thank you, Sarah, and yes I have already had cake! We hosted a farewell dinner for a neighbor last night and another neighbor made my favourite cake of hers upon my request. I don’t know what it’s called, but is a vanilla cake with banana pudding, bananas, and whipped cream. So delicious! (My mother-in-law makes something similar that is gluten-free which I’ll have to make for you.) Tonight, we have another engagement so I’m making something even better than cake to bring along: butterscotch pie.


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