That’s a first!

We struck up a conversation easily at the backyard crab fest that a mutual friend hosted, but things got a little awkward when she asked if my girls were twins. She must have confused me, or perhaps one of my daughters, with someone else, because no, they are not.

These two are inseparable. Here I attempted to take their photo before church one Sunday, but I couldn’t get either if them to cooperate.

This one is from a few weeks back. They have very similar hobbies, can’t you see?

Well, as we say all the time around here, never a dull moment!


2 thoughts on “That’s a first!

  1. I remember people used to ask if my sister and I were twins, and we were 3 years apart, and we really didn’t look that much alike. Sometimes I think the question is one of those small talk conversation starters that people use flippantly. Well, there’s nothing a smile or a little sarcasm can’t fix.

    Your daughters are absolutely adorable!!! I’m glad they get along so well. 🙂

    • People back home would always ask if my sister and I were twins. Mind you she is even years older than me, two inches shorter, and brown-eyed. Of course they’d ask this if we weren’t standing next to each other.

      So, yes, I think people just have to say something. As I’ve become aware of this, I try to watch what I say!!


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