Some Interesting Things

I was right. Things did get interesting last week.

For starters, Chickadee started to roll over during her diaper changes with glee. She knew what she was doing — making my task very difficult.

Then, later that same day, she got on all fours and crawled forward a few inches. Each following day, she practiced her crawling until this weekend where she showed off her speed crawling to her grandparents.

And then I found her sitting up. She got that way herself and seemed confused about it. But as she kept at it, she became more confident, and she loves her new ability.

My “sits there and smiles” baby is now a delightful handful.

So when we were asked this week to adopt a baby boy (oh yeah, that happened — I told you it was an interesting week!), we had to make the most difficult decision in our married life.

I’ll get to that in another post.


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