A Chickadee Update (Seven Months)

I’ve been told that I don’t write enough about Chickadee.  I responded along the lines of “well, she’s not very interesting.”  She’s a happy and mellow baby who doesn’t do much.  Seriously, she just sits there and smiles.


I’ll admit I haven’t been as good at getting out the nice camera once a month to take her pictures as I was with her sister.  I could blame the cold and snowy winter, though honestly, it’s second child syndrome.  As someone who suffered from sixth child syndrome, I should be a little more sympathetic to her plight.  Case in point:  One of my infant photos I’ve come to learn is not of me.

So let’s see, what can I write about my Chickadee…

Chickadee doesn’t sleep through the night consistently, so she’s still in our room.  We are hoping to put her in the room with her big sister, but Wren isn’t sleeping through the night either so it seems like a pretty bad idea to do it now.

Chickadee is a pretty tall baby.  She’s all torso (like her daddy).  Her hair is starting to come in, and it’s blonde?  red?  I’m going to go with strawberry blonde.  It changes colour depending on the light, but there is always a hint of red.  Her daddy also had red hair as an infant (shocker) as did one of my sisters so I shouldn’t have been surprised, even though I was.  Her eyes are mesmerizingly blue.  I’m pretty confident that they’re not going to change.

I can count  on one hand how many times Chickadee has rolled onto her back from her tummy.  On Friday, she finally rolled from her tummy to her back!  Without using words, she cried “I have made a terrible mistake!”



I don’t know why she doesn’t like rolling around.  She is pretty strong and flexible.  In fact, her daddy’s nickname for her is Pretzel.  She can still wrap her legs around her head like some acrobat.  And when Chickadee is made super happy, she folds to her side.   So I’m pretty sure her desire to crawl will trump all in the end.  She doesn’t mind tummy time and can get into the crawl position easily.  She started rocking a few weeks ago, and so it’s only a matter of time before things around here get real interesting.




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