“This is ball.”
“This is book.”
“This is kitty.”

Wren loves naming common household items (and sometimes pets) for her sister. I’ve spied Wren bringing literally dozens of small objects to her sister for her daily lesson.

She’ll also declare objects “hot” or “wet.” So she’s learning to be descriptive.

When I picked Wren up from the nursery after evening service, she squealed “Mommy” as she ran to the door. She then suddenly stopped, regained her composure, and introduced me to the room, “This is Mom.”

As if there could be no other.

She’s a heart melter, that one.

This morning she spotted the cat under the table and pointed. “Dog,” she said. “This is not a dog.”

I’m just thrilled to see her learning what things are (and aren’t) and to witness her kindness towards her little sister, who she proudly introduces to everyone as “Sister.”



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