My Knitted Little Cotton Rabbit: Isobel

Once I saw these bunnies that Svenna made, I knew I had to make some for the girls one for myself.  I bought the pattern and started work right away.  When I wasn’t knitting, I was browsing through Ravelry project gallery admiring all of the bunnies that everyone else had made.

There are over 425 completed entries for the girl version alone.

Yes, I might have been obsessed.

But isn’t she worth it?




The pattern is 14 pages long.  (Yes, fourteen.)  The designer did an amazing job detailing practically every step.  She’s brilliant.  I learned a lot of new techniques.  I made a few mistakes along the way but nothing catastrophic.  The bunny is knit flat, and if you aren’t a master of the mattress stitch before… you will certainly be after!  A little embroidery and crocheting were required.  Neither are my strengths, but she still turned out cute — if I can say so myself!

I honestly can’t think of how I’d improve the pattern, but I know now where to pay attention to avoid mistakes on the next go round.  The only part that disappoints me is the shoe.  I couldn’t get it to curve just right, so maybe this is something where practice makes perfect.

I’m glad I bought the pattern for the boy bunny as part of the package, because Okey has requested that I make him one, too.

– –

Ravelry notes here.


9 thoughts on “My Knitted Little Cotton Rabbit: Isobel

  1. I once tried to make a cute bunny rabbit but let’s just say yours is amazing and mine never looked like a bunny 🙂

    • Haha, you made me laugh! Since you are so good at making sweaters, I can’t believe you would struggle in making a stuffed animal! Seriously, though, all credit for this bunny goes to the designer who painstakingly detailed every single adorable step.


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