Breaking Radio Silence

We’ve gone dark for nearly a week. We last left the house on Sunday, and that was to church where we volunteered in the nursery. (My dear friend Sarah may see where this is going.) There were a few kiddos there with sniffles, including our Wren. The weather had been changing and I think all of us adults believed the sniffles were a result of the sinuses adjusting. Well, that was wishful thinking.

Wren has been full on sick since Monday morning. Her dad since Monday afternoon. Her sister since Monday evening.

Ever since Monday, I have been taking a Vit C in addition to my daily prenatal vits. I experienced briefly all of the symptoms yesterday. In a two hour span, I had the ear aches, the tummy aches, the muscle aches and the snotty nose. Otherwise, I’ve been fine.

Wren has been a trooper, but I think she has a bad case of cabin fever. She tries to put on her coat, and she’ll say “bye” with an inquisitive tone. But her nose still has a leak, so we tell her we have to stay home.

Chickadee is doing better now. I think she didn’t mind one bit the extra snuggles I’ve given her.

Okey is still worse for the wear. He leaves on a business trip soon, and I hope he gets cleared up before he departs.

My mum sent us an enormous package this week. This unintentional care package contained clothes and books for the girls and yarn for me. The yarn is a blend of alpaca which she found at a thrift store for $0.50 a ball. There’s enough yarn to make a decent sized project.

Speaking of projects, I’m nearly done with one I started last Friday. I haven’t been this excited to knit up something since… I don’t know when, honestly. I’ve been sad that the girls have been sick, but it’s given me the opportunity to complete a lot of stitches and improve my finishing techniques. I’m rather happy with how it is turning out and hope to share it with you soon.

Until next time, stay healthy, my friends.


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