Adoption: Why Tomorrow is Special

Tomorrow is a special day for my daughter Wren. It’s a common everyday occurrence for her sister and for millions of other children across the globe, but not for her. It’s something so many children take for granted, yet, the following sentence reads like a riddle. She’s going to see her biological mother for the first time.


My Knitted Little Cotton Rabbit: Isobel

Once I saw these bunnies that Svenna made, I knew I had to make some for the girls one for myself.  I bought the pattern and started work right away.  When I wasn’t knitting, I was browsing through Ravelry project gallery admiring all of the bunnies that everyone else had made.

There are over 425 completed entries for the girl version alone.

Yes, I might have been obsessed.

But isn’t she worth it?




The pattern is 14 pages long.  (Yes, fourteen.)  The designer did an amazing job detailing practically every step.  She’s brilliant.  I learned a lot of new techniques.  I made a few mistakes along the way but nothing catastrophic.  The bunny is knit flat, and if you aren’t a master of the mattress stitch before… you will certainly be after!  A little embroidery and crocheting were required.  Neither are my strengths, but she still turned out cute — if I can say so myself!

I honestly can’t think of how I’d improve the pattern, but I know now where to pay attention to avoid mistakes on the next go round.  The only part that disappoints me is the shoe.  I couldn’t get it to curve just right, so maybe this is something where practice makes perfect.

I’m glad I bought the pattern for the boy bunny as part of the package, because Okey has requested that I make him one, too.

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Ravelry notes here.

Breaking Radio Silence

We’ve gone dark for nearly a week. We last left the house on Sunday, and that was to church where we volunteered in the nursery. (My dear friend Sarah may see where this is going.) There were a few kiddos there with sniffles, including our Wren. The weather had been changing and I think all of us adults believed the sniffles were a result of the sinuses adjusting. Well, that was wishful thinking.

Wren has been full on sick since Monday morning. Her dad since Monday afternoon. Her sister since Monday evening.

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