Her Nickname for Dada

My husband’s home office is in our living room on the main floor. He wanted to be “in the middle of things.” While I try to play with the girls upstairs in their rooms while he works, eventually we have to pass through the living room to get to the kitchen.

My husband is also an early riser, so he’s usually sitting at his computer by the time I bring Wren down for her breakfast.

What I’m trying I say is, he is in that room a lot. From a toddler’s perspective, he probably lives in that room.

Another thing to note about my husband is that he is part Native American Indian. The perk to his inability to grow a beard is that he doesn’t need to shave everyday. Still, some patchy spots grow, and our curious toddler Wren tries her hardest to pick them off of him. She liked learning the word for his short facial hair, I’m guessing, because it rhymed with “bubble”

One Sunday a month, he has early morning meetings at the church. So as we descended the stairs one of those mornings, Wren noticed his empty chair. She asked, “Where Stubble?”

Kids say the cutest things, don’t they?


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