A Letter for Wren (22 Months)

Dear Wren,

I know that you are going to look up this blog some day to see all the crazy things your mother wrote about you.  Please know that I did all of this out of love.  You are so precious to me, and I want to remember forever all of the wonderful things you say and do.

Like this morning, you tried to get into the bathroom on the main floor, but your father and I had put a childproof door knob cover on it.  You stood there, with your arm stretched, on your tippy toes, trying your hardest to get it to open, when at last you said, “Uh oh.  Why is this locked?”

Your language skills have exploded this past month.  Did you make this your New Year’s resolution?  If so, you are succeeding.

You now say “please” and “danka” unprompted.  We don’t know where you learned to speak German, but we are very proud that you are bilingual.

You like it when Elmo calls you on the old iPhone we let you play with.  He told you that he likes pretending to be a cow, and the both of you mooed together.

You say “woof” when you see a dog, and your grin stretches ear to ear.  You say “ow” when asked to mimic a cat.

I believe you think your sister’s name is “sister.”  I tried to explain that you were a sister, too, but I think you didn’t believe me.

When I’m in the kitchen, you have to have your whisk and bowl.  When I knit, you have to have your pair of plastic knitting needles.  My working yarn is constantly being knotted by you.

You like to pretend.  You pack your purse and go to the door saying “bye bye.”  You fed your father and me the yummiest soup last night.  You take wonderful care of your dolls Sammy and Bonnie as well as your sister’s doll Sunny.

You hate wearing socks, and you always take them off your sister.  You do place a hat on her head.  Like you literally place a hat on her head, and you look so proud, too.

Your little sister adores you, and you know it.  You make sure to play where she can see you, and you actually share your toys.

Do you remember that extra sheet I had you sleep with all week?  It was so that it would pick up your scent so that we could get your sister used to sleeping in her new bed.  I had hoped it would work since the only place she liked to sleep flat was in your bed.  Well, it worked.  Danka.

I love you and look forward to many more adventures with you.  How about I wake you up from your nap right now and let’s go play in the snow again.


Your maman


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