The past two hours: A mother’s timeline

We are home. Why did they both have to fall asleep? It was only a twenty minute car ride. Let me see if i can get them both in without waking either up.

The big one is stirring a bit. I should change her diaper before I put her in the crib.

The little one is awake now, too.

Ok, I guess I’ll make lunch.

The big one is now throwing everything within arms reach onto the floor. She must be tired. She sure is whining a lot.

Let me out the wee one in her activity seat so I can take care of the big one.

Ok, everyone is where they need to be. Let me put the kettle on and do the dishes.

Oh no. The wee one is crying. She overfilled her diaper and needs a change. Upstairs we go.

Uh oh. Big sister is still awake. I comfort her and offer her a pacifier.

The wee one is freshly dressed. Thankfully I didn’t need to change her pants, but that onesie will need a soak.

Is that the kettle whistling? Downstairs I go. Yes, I remembered to bring the wee one with me.

Oh, the dishes, they still need done, but first I should turn off the stove. I probably should put the wee one down as I don’t want to burn her.

Shoot, the laundry is still upstairs. The big one is still awake so I guess I’ll change her diaper. Is that a marker stain on her shirt? And her sweater? Ok, she’s now redressed and I have some more stains to pre-treat.

Downstairs I go.

Downstairs again I go.

The odor* wants out.

The laundry gets shuffled. I have about seven loads I need to fold. Later.

Upstairs I go. My tea has surely been fully steeped by now.

The wee one cries. I nurse her as I type a blog post. I haven’t done that lately and it’s time for a check-in.


I think that’s all the time I have for today. The dishes still need done, and the dog wants out still, and the wee one is starting to cry., and maybe the big one just needed a twenty minute nap.


* Autocorrect changed “dog” to “odor” and I left it as I found the correction to not be far-off.


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