2013: The year of making stuff

Here is a list of all the things that I made last year:

Two small quilts (although one was started the prior year).

Two pairs of fingerless mitts (one for me and one for a niece).

One sewn hat and two knit hats.

A cocoon.

Leg warmers.

… One sock.

A set of burp cloths.

One pillowcase.

One purse.

One malong.

An infinity scarf.

One baby girl.

I wasn’t very good at documenting everything I made last year, and I seriously doubt that I will do a better job of blogging everything this year.  I just hope that I can continue making good use of my knitting needles and sewing machine.

Have a Happy Crafty New Year, Everyone!

– –



The mail lady just dropped off a package which came from the exotic land of Denmark! This is part of the secret gift exchange that I mentioned earlier this week.  It looked like every postal worker who came in contact with this box took a nibble of the cookies as the tin was open and there were some halves strewn about! I didn’t care and dove straight in… Yummy! She also included historical notes about each cookie.

Time for me to put the kettle back on and do a little “research.”


2 thoughts on “2013: The year of making stuff

    • I agree! I should have added photos but I’m sadly lacking a lot. Now that I have time, I think I will edit the post to at least link to the projects I blogged about last year.


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