I made that! (Quilted Table Runner Edition)


I thought I could whip up some table runners as gifts this year for people, but it took me four weeks to make this one …so… oops.  I really had a lot of fun drawing on graph paper before setting to work cutting and then sewing all of these squares, but it was tedious work, all that cutting and sewing.

This centerpiece was supposed to be a lot longer.  I decided to save my sanity and spend time with my family so the scope of the project was cut in half, but not before I had assembled a lot more 3×3 and 4×8 blocks.  These extra blocks are begging to be made into another quilted table runner, and I have just the friends in mind.  They just celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary, and I’m pretty sure that they will love the colours.

I am about to ship this runner to its recipient who lives in Denmark.  Although she and I have never met, we agreed to participate in a secret gift exchange.  I don’t know much about her although we have similar interests in games.  I wanted to give her something that represented my home state of West Virginia (blue and gold), and I wanted to subtly personalize the runner for her using her initials (K and V).  (Had I kept the original border from my design, I think that the K wouldn’t have been chopped off.)

I’m going to miss this tiny quilt.  Bon voyage, little guy.




3 thoughts on “I made that! (Quilted Table Runner Edition)

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