I made that! (Quilted Table Runner Edition)


I thought I could whip up some table runners as gifts this year for people, but it took me four weeks to make this one …so… oops.  I really had a lot of fun drawing on graph paper before setting to work cutting and then sewing all of these squares, but it was tedious work, all that cutting and sewing. Continue reading

About C: My Second Foster Sister

I was in college when my parents got the call.  There was a special needs child who needed a home.  To say “special needs” is such an understatement in her case.

C was nine years old.  She had cerebral palsy and was fed through a g-tube.  Her parents didn’t have electricity and so they would sometimes run an electrical extension cord from the neighbors to her medical equipment.  Sometimes. Continue reading

Snow Day!

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It’s a snowy day.  For the most part it’s just slushy snow out there, but it’s bad enough to make a real impact.  The local offices of the federal government are closed as are all the schools in the area.  It’s past noon and the snow plow hasn’t even come yet.  If it weren’t for the fact that everyone set out their trash last night and the garbage men aren’t likely to appear either, it would be very idyllic out front.

I love the snow.  It rejuvenates me.  I will admit to going down the slopes with the neighborhood kids.  I have even gotten Okey to ski down to the back field during one of the heavier snowstorms.

I jumped out of bed at six am to look out the window like a little child.  Sad that I could still see the sidewalk, I crawled back into bed.  Around eight o’clock this morning is when I noticed the first snowflakes falling down.

After letting her sleep in a little bit, I finally opened the blinds in Wren’s room and exclaimed that today was a special day.  I hoisted her up so she could look out the window at all of the snow, and I told her that after breakfast we were going to go outside and play in it.  “Snow,” she repeated.

I bundled her up in tights and many layers.  I squeezed her into a snowsuit.  I got her snow boots on.  I put her wool hat and mitts on and outside we went.  It was decided her sister would stay inside with daddy.

She and I normally don’t dally in the cold, so I was curious what her reaction would be.

Glee and utter glee.

Her arms outstretched to the heavens and a giggle escaped her lips.  She bent down to grasp the snow.  She stuck her tongue out to taste a flake.

We walked around the neighborhood, and she “climbed” the small hill near the entrance.  Without hesitation or fear, she turned around and ran back down… falling about three times flat on her face.  I had to help her back up each time as she was a tad too bundled, like Randy in A Chistmas Story.

We continued our walk home.  Everyone else was indoors and so it was as if we had the world to ourselves.

The Letter E

At this stage in Wren’s life, I haven’t worried too much about her education. We read a lot of books together and we do a bit of counting, like when we go up and down the steps. When I ask her to count, she’ll say “un, doo, sih, se’en, teh!” What’s cute is when she recites her numbers unprompted, you never know what order she’ll say them in!

She likes to play on my iPad when I do her hair, and one of her favourite apps is Endless Alphabet. Here, the letters are presented in upper case, drawn colorfully, and make the corresponding phonetic sounds. For example, W is not “double-u” but “wa” or “wa wa wa” if her finger is pressed down for more than a second. She can arrange the letters into the appropriate words and then a little story is played followed by the definition. Words can be as simple as wave and as long as gargantuan.

Lately I’ve been wanting her to improve her drawing skills and together we sit (as best we can for those of you who know how active she is) with paper and crayons at the little table her grandfather made for her last Christmas. I also have been showing her how to write her name, of course, in vain.

Well, yesterday, I was doodling on a friend’s tablet (not an electronic device) and made an E. I wasn’t doing this for anyone’s benefit but none the less she saw what I was doing and proudly said “E!”

Later I drew the same letter on her chalkboard for her daddy to witness. Sure enough, “E!” And then I drew another letter in her name. “Arrrh!” like a pirate, she exclaimed.

I guess we’ll keep doing what we’re doing because it seems to be working.


Wren at 20 Months