Fixin’ to be an old lady

My old next door neighbour greeted me one evening as I was sitting on the front stoop enjoying the wonderful weather.  “You’re fixin’ to be an old lady,” he said.

It was true that I was partaking in a generally thought of old lady activity:  knitting.

He also reminded me that I had a garden and baked goodies for the neighborhood.  I chuckled and then took a sip of my tea.

Perhaps he was onto something.  How is it that grandmas are so good at baking pies and quick at knitting socks?  How do they make biscuits without a recipe, measuring in pinches and dashes?

They don’t turn into grandmas overnight, obviously.  They’ve had decades of experience.

So while I still painstakingly and slowly knit each stitch and check each step of the recipe twice, I know that this is just practice.  At some point I’ll be proficient like a grandma.

So, yeah, I’m fixin’ to be an old lady, and that’s fine by me.


3 thoughts on “Fixin’ to be an old lady

  1. Yellowflower, I bet she does it at nap time since I think her little one is a busy bee too. Still, it does paint a sweet (and envy arousing) picture of a life well lived and slightly contemplative. I have my own old lady activities and I get them when I can which is not often enough : )


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