Newborn Leg warmers and Hat

We’re adjusting to the newest family member, Chickadee.  She’s a pretty opinionated little lady who likes to wake up and stay up around 2:00 am.  As parents, Okey and I are pretty much relaxed as we have done this before.  The only major difference is it’s harder to follow the advice of “sleep when the baby sleeps.”

Wren goes down for one long nap right after lunch.  Ideally, Chickadee should nap during this time period.  She does not like this idea very much.  On the rare occasion that she does sleep, like now, I find myself unable to nap due to the copious amounts of caffeine I’ve had to inject digest to keep up with the most mundane of daily tasks.

I’m not complaining as now I’ve found time to return to the blog after a three week hiatus, but what can I write about?  The first two paragraphs pretty much cover it all.

Hmm, knitting?  Yes, of course I’ve been knitting.

Little Chickadee needed her own pair of leg warmers as we have had an exceptionally cool beginning to Fall.  This was a fairly simple project that I whipped out in no time.

Ten Days Old

[Warning:  The following may be too technical for the non-knitter.  The important part is bolded.]

Then I decided to knit her a hat.  Despite hats being one of the easiest projects for a novice knitter, I learned that tired people should not knit.  Somehow I didn’t join in the new yarn properly at the first colour transition, and I was left with a ginormous hole at the beginning of my work which I only noticed at the end.  I remembered all of the knitting reference books I read last summer during Wren’s nap times (when I should have been sleeping).  I attempted to darn the hole, but I couldn’t get it right.  So I took out the bottom stripe, reknit the second stripe, and thought I could re-attach the bottom stripe via the kitchener stitch (another sock trick) saving time.  Alas this also resulted in a failure.

A week later, I decided to just keep knitting down to the bottom of the hat because sometimes the simplest explanation is the best one, especially for tired knitters.

Then <dun dun dun> as I put the finished object on my second daughter’s head, I learned that babies who like hats one week don’t necessarily like them the following week.  (Have I told you that Chickadee is opinionated?)

At least she still likes the leggings.

22 Days Old

For my future reference:

Newborn Leg warmers – I used my size 7 bamboo needles and some Washable Ewe scrap yarn.  I cast on 24 stitches, continued work in the round with 2×2 ribbing.  I switched up the stripes, cast off and repeated.

Newborn Hat –  I used size 7 bamboo needles, cast on 60 stitches, and worked in the round.  I allowed 12 rows for first colour so that the brim would roll, alternated colours every four rows, and began decreasing after 24 rows.  The last colour was eight rows long ending with eight stitches.  I then used a wire trivet to make the pom.


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