Maintenance Mode

This has been our status for the past little bit.  There are still tasks to be done, but we feel like we had reached a resting point.  For example, the girls’ room still needs a valance sewn (and the hardware installed), but the room is livable without it.  I still need to finish knitting the nursing shawl, but the malong I sewed can work in a pinch.

At my routine OB visit yesterday, I found out that they went ahead and scheduled a room for me at the hospital for next week.  Evidently, it’s been decided that the baby needs to come out.  The plan is for me to be induced.  If she’s still breech, that means I’ll undergo a c-section.  I will find out on Monday via an ultrasound what the game plan is.

The baby’s rate of growth just hasn’t been optimal.

Even though she’ll be born at term, we’ve gone ahead and bought a few preemie outfits.  Okey picked out a cute little outfit she can wear to church, and I got her a couple of little onesies.  We got her a couple of little open bottom sleep sacks as well.  Everything is so… little.

Born at six pounds seven ounces, I never thought that Wren would be my big girl.

I feel like we made a million phone calls yesterday.  A call was made to each parent set and sibling group, and then we called our closest friends.  This wasn’t something I wanted any of them to learn first here on the blog.

I had a few good laughs swapping stories with a lot of them as they must have sensed I need cheering up.

I told one sister-in-law that we went out shopping for a sleeper sofa earlier in the day.  I ended up sitting across from the sofa we wanted to buy, and the clerk was showing me the different color options.  I had to tell him that he had to bring the fabric samples closer to me.  I wasn’t going to get up and that I was having a baby the next week.  The sister-in-law joked that I should have just bought the couch I was sitting on and asked for home delivery… I’d never have to get up!

One sister said I’d be the first in my family to have a c-section.  Yep, that’s me!  Having babies the non-traditional way.  😉

So here we are with another status update:  We’re having a baby next week!

We’re moving out of maintenance mode.  We’ve had to rearrange our schedules for the next few weeks so the next few days are going to be crazy like a whirlwind.


4 thoughts on “Maintenance Mode

    • I’m not sure if all of our last minute busy-ness is keeping us focused or distracting us from the realization that this is actually happening. Either way I’m thankful for my continued good health to accomplish a lot, and for Okey who can accomplish 100x more than me.


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