Not About Me (Unless you are sneaking a peek at the bump)

I am having so much fun with Wren these days.  She is a very active and silly girl.  We’re embracing to the fullest each last day of her being an only child.

Some updates:

She is now 17.5 months old.  (How time flies!)

We have started to call her Wrenado because whatever room she enters is immediately wrecked.  Toys are everywhere!

Her new favourite word is “bubbles.”  She loves ’em and perfectly asks for them whenever we go outside.  Oh, the maniacal laughter I will never forget.

Our 60-pound mutt “Su” is her best friend.  She looks for her every morning.  (She remains terrified of little dogs.)

I try to practice on her hair often, and consequently she is getting to be a pro at navigating the iPad.  Not to mention the fact that she can properly arrange the letters in Endless Alphabet.  She will also repeat the “arr-arr-arr” and “peh-peh-peh” sounds.

She loves to “read” her books.  Her favourite one right now is a big picture book.  Also, she enjoys Elmo Loves Me.

We’ve moved her to her new room, but we haven’t put her in the toddler bed yet.  I’m waiting for the furniture to be secured to the walls before I let loose the Wrenado.

Okey took a quick break from work this morning to help take the following photos:





And on the baby monitor, I hear her cooing.  I guess it’s time to play again.  🙂


4 thoughts on “Not About Me (Unless you are sneaking a peek at the bump)

  1. Finally getting back to blog-land after falling behind on everything during our move. Photos of Wren are adorable and you look great! And your post from a few weeks ago was accurate- you don’t look like you are just a month (or is it already less than a month!) away from baby! Motherhood and pregnancy suit you well! You and Wren are beautiful.


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