35 Weeks

Today marks the beginning of the 35th week. This means I only have 35 days to go!

I saw the high risk OB today, and he is actually releasing me from his care since he feels that the baby girl is doing well. She’s still got some issues, but after all of this monitoring, she hasn’t gotten worse or developed any new problems. I’m relieved to be back in the realm of a “normal” pregnancy.

I’ll have to update with a baby bump photo sometime, but I’m really not big — a fact that people remind me of when they can’t believe I am due next month. I can still wear my rings and see my ankles. My shoes still fit. There are a few non-maternity tops from my closet I can wear, too. Aside from the inability to sleep through the night (no one warns you about the leg cramps!), I am feeling quite well.

I went out and about with a pregnant friend yesterday. She is only 20 weeks pregnant, but according to Okey, she looks further along than me. I suspect it’s because she has such a small frame that her uterus has nowhere to go but out. Anyway, as soon as we walked into this one shop, the owner exclaimed, “Oh no! I don’t want you breaking your waters in here!” Trust me, we didn’t want that to happen either.


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