34 Weeks

It feels like it’s time for a pregnancy update, so here we go.

Good news: Chickadee is no longer transverse breech.

Bad news: She is now frank breech.

The doctors say she has time to get head down still as I’m only 34 weeks. She has certainly been kicking up a storm since Sunday afternoon and so I’m thankful for these little reassurances of her well-being. Also, I’m glad that she’s not kicking into my ribs.

Chickadee was measuring in the 25th percentile at the anatomy scan two weeks ago, and at yesterday’s appointment we learned that she is barely in the 20th percentile. The high risk OB says that he’ll be concerned if she reaches the 10th percentile and will recommend getting her out at that point. He scheduled another anatomy scan in three weeks if I’m “still pregnant.”  (I hope to be!)

The high risk OB still wants to see me weekly to monitor things.  The week by week decision making is starting to wear on me.

I still haven’t packed my hospital bag.  I feel that once I pack it then she will come, so she can’t come if I don’t pack it, right?  I admit it’s not very rational and actually very superstitious.

The room is nearly done.  Okey’s family came this weekend and hauled away the furniture we don’t need anymore.  Okey has since painted the room and ripped up the carpet.  The new carpet will be installed tomorrow afternoon, and then we’ll start putting the furniture in there this weekend.

On another note, all of this pregnancy talk has me wondering what Wren was like in her biological mother’s womb.  Was she very active?  (I can’t imagine my toddler not being active.)  I wonder if my curry-loving daughter got this from her biological mother.  (I’ve read that mothers who eat spicy food usually have children who enjoy spicy food.  The same goes for vegetables, and we all know how much Wren loves her green vegetables.)  I get sad not knowing the answers, so I think that I will ask her in my next letter.


3 thoughts on “34 Weeks

  1. I agree that it is time for a pregnancy update. The notification about your “Uh-oh” post showed up in my mail box this morning and I thought “uh-oh.” Glad to hear that everything is still on track. The bad news I have for you is that she can be born even if the hospital bag is not packed. The good news is that hospitals have loaners of most things. Ours gave me toiletries just like a hotel would and nurses even took some pictures of the new babies with the hospital camera and printed them out for us since we showed up woefully unprepared. Later I was able to send home for some personal items. .

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