My Go-To “Muffin Pan” Breakfast: Bacon-Wrapped Eggs

YellowFlowerShadowSmile, this one is for you.

(Video Credit:  RecipeCards)

I love how scalable this meal is.  I also like that it comes out of the (toaster) oven at once, so when serving it to a large crowd no one has to be served a cold portion.  I find some people eat one, some people eat three.  So on average, I make 2 per person (if they aren’t awake yet to place their order).

In addition to the simply crack-and-poured egg which turns out like a hard-boiled egg, I make a scrambled egg version.  (Just scramble the egg before pouring it in.)  This works out best for kids or people in general who don’t like to try new things.

We really do like using Mrs. Dash’s Onion and Herbs seasoning with the eggs, but feel free to experiment.

PS I think thick bacon works best.


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