32 Weeks (8 Months!)

Do we remember our French lesson from the other day? Jamais deux sans trois. Never two without a third. When it rains, it pours.

Ok, so last week’s biophysical profile showed a baby with decreased fetal movement. Un.

The tech also did an anatomy scan which revealed that the baby is smaller than average. Deux.

The OB didn’t say anything about that to me so I wasn’t worried about it, but she did refer me to a high risk specialist who I saw today for an additional biophysical profile and non-stress test. My OB had hoped this new OB would shed light on what is going on. In her words, my medical history is nothing to write home about. Still, she wanted me to start taking a betamethasone steroid to help the fetal lung development should the little one need to come out sooner.

Well, during today’s non-stress test (where the baby’s heart rate is monitored as well as any contractions I may be having) there was a little issue with her heart rate. Trois.

The baby is still breech, and if she was more active it wouldn’t be a problem. Quatre.

The umbilical cord isn’t properly connected to the placenta, but its location isn’t worrisome. Cinq.

These things in and of themselves would not be reason for concern, but because they are all being evidenced right now it is. So I was directed back to the hospital today and got the second betamethasone steroid shot, just in case.

The new OB isn’t sure what’s going on either, although it may have something to do with the asthma. He thinks that either the lack of oxygen or the medication could be accountable for her small size, but he doesn’t know if that’s really it. Looking back at the end of last week, I think I was about to have another asthma attack. I’ve gone back to my full dosage of Flovent which has tremendously helped me. Plus she has been giving me more little nudges letting me know she’s still there.

The specialist wants to see me for the next two weeks at least. This will work out, I think, if only because my present OB is going to Kenya on a medical mission trip. It’ll be reassuring to still have access to a doctor while my regular one is away.

Trying to look on the bright side: With all of these doctor’s appointments already scheduled for the next two weeks, I should have plenty of time in the waiting rooms to work on the nursing shawl. Oh, and, I’ve made it to month eight!


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