I made that! (Malong Edition)

I’m hoping that the nesting energy I’ve heard about comes soon because there is so much to be done before little Chickadee (yup, that’s her nickname!) comes.  We’ve started to clear out the guest room, and we’re in the final stages of picking out the room’s color.

I started to knit a nursing shawl while we were at the beach.  Even though I’m three balls in, there isn’t much to show off yet.  So, I did what I do when I get frustrated with how slowly I knit.  I took out the sewing machine.

While at the beach, I was introduced to a malong.  A malong is a basically a tubular piece of fabric that is multi-functional.  It’s primarily used in the Philippines although I think different cultures have their own version.  It is a piece of clothing, functions as a bag, can be used as a changing room, etc.  It is also used to carry newborns and toddlers.  I think it would also make a nice nursing cover for the newborn.


I used a batik which is hard to distinguish which is the right or the wrong side because of how  it is dyed.  Basically, I wanted something that would look good on both sides.  I bought two yards of this fabric and sewed the ends to make it tubular.  (I used a french seam to hide the raw edges.)  The proper way to secure the batik is with a “knot.”  I have not been successful making a secure one to hold my precious cargo (Wren), so I bought a large buckle which does the trick!



I like how simple it was to make, how little room it takes up, and how multi-functional it is.  I’m still getting used to wearing it, so the buckle placement seems to shift from day to day.


2 thoughts on “I made that! (Malong Edition)

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