Blog Recommendation: Resonant Living

When I walk 2-3 miles with my daughter at least twice a week, being asthmatic and pregnant, I think I’m pretty awesome.  Then I read this blog and realize that SHE’s awesome:

Resonant Living

Anonymous J developed adult-onset asthma as a result of her occupation.  Consequently she had to quit her job, and then she decided to hike the Appalachian Trail (AT) with all of her free time.  I have been enjoying her posts since the beginning and wanted to share her story with you.  Please check out her blog and make sure to give her some encouragement.  She checks in pretty regularly, and I’m sure she would appreciate it.


3 thoughts on “Blog Recommendation: Resonant Living

  1. I just started reading “A Walk in the Woods” about two men and their hike on the AT. Really good book. Pretty awesome endeavor. Will be interesting to follow her journey. Thanks for sharing this!

    • What do you know? My husband has read that book, too. I never got around to reading it myself, but now I’m very curious. I will pack it for my beach trip. Thanks!

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