Holden Beach (aka Beach #1)

It feels like we’re always on the road, but we’re never really on vacation.  Our destinations have usually been to visit friends and family who live hundreds of miles away.  This summer, we took a nice long vacation and explored our neighboring state to the south.  What was special about this trip was that we were able to spend our vacation with the friends and family we are always visiting.

Family Portrait at Holden Beach

Week # 1 — I  thoroughly enjoyed Southern NC. I was worried about bringing my family to the “South,” but everyone has been so loving and welcoming. For the first time, we were told that we were a beautiful family. Usually the compliments are about our daughter and not us as a whole unit, so we felt especially welcomed. Continue reading

Mine (A Rant about Townhouse Parking)

It’s been a long while since my last rant on the blog.  (My Twitter feed doesn’t count.)

I’m so tired of living where I do.  There are only 38 townhomes, and I like most of my neighbors.  However, I can’t stand the board members and their sense of entitlement, especially when it comes to my parking spot.

I have struggled with parking trespassers for years.  I will never forget being told by a woman who would one day serve on the board, “Just assume it’s me parking there.”  I replied, “Just assume don’t park there.”  She continued to park there and have her guests park there, too.  When asking her guests to relocate their car, their responses would include something along the line of “Well, we’re here for a Bible Study” as they walk away leaving their car in my spot…  /cue tow truck

I tried to join the board and make a difference.  However, I was accused of being a snake and untrustworthy.  (Long story short, someone else “leaked” information but she was going through a divorce and I didn’t feel like tattling on her.  My simple “It wasn’t me” didn’t appease my accuser.)  Oh, I was called (and am still called) a racist by the president.  (Sorry, bud, you are not the President of the United States of America.  You get a lower case “p.”)  He made my life miserable enough that I had the Sheriff serve him no trespassing papers, and my life now (in regards to him) has been so much better since then.  (PS  He’s an elder at his church and refused my request for mediation through our pastors.)  Edited to add:  I wasn’t able to make a difference.

Today, I had a doctor’s appointment, lunch with a friend, some last minute errands to run before we depart on our vacation.  Needless to say, I was gone a long time.  By the time I got home, I was tired, hungry, thirsty, and had to, er, use the facilities.  I noticed a car parked poorly and was basically taking up two spots.  Whose car could it be?  The daughter of the HOA’s secretary.  (Not a Christian as far as I know.)

Thank goodness for cell phones because I called Okey and had him go knock on their door.  If he hadn’t been available, I just could not imagine taking Wren out of the car, waddling to their door, grumpily asking them to move, putting her back in the car seat so I could drive my car.  Who am I kidding?  I would just have blocked her in.

It’s been a long day.  I need a vacation.  Hurry up, Saturday.

Home is where the gravel road is

A while ago, Wren and I drove to my parents’ farm in Ohio.  Their old Quaker homestead rests in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.  It’s really one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen on God’s Earth.  As I turned down the lane, knowing that my parents and several of my siblings were waiting for me at the top of the hill, I was filled with a sense of “home.”  The following composition is a result of that trip.

Home is where the gravel road is.


Continue reading

Blog Recommendation: Resonant Living

When I walk 2-3 miles with my daughter at least twice a week, being asthmatic and pregnant, I think I’m pretty awesome.  Then I read this blog and realize that SHE’s awesome:


Resonant Living

Anonymous J developed adult-onset asthma as a result of her occupation.  Consequently she had to quit her job, and then she decided to hike the Appalachian Trail (AT) with all of her free time.  I have been enjoying her posts since the beginning and wanted to share her story with you.  Please check out her blog and make sure to give her some encouragement.  She checks in pretty regularly, and I’m sure she would appreciate it.

Head Count

We like to host.  It’s something that Okey and I have done since the dawn of our relationship.

The dorm rooms I had in college as an upperclassmen had a kitchenette.  The dormitory was initially created for married couples, although they didn’t serve that purpose when I lived there.  It had a little stove with two or three burners, an itty bitty electric oven which heated irregularly, and a mini fridge under the counters. In addition to the study desks furnished by the university, there was a table and a couple of chairs.  Whenever we’d make our dinners with our friends, we’d ask them to bring their table with them.  We also always ended up inviting people who would ask to invite someone else, and our slogan became “What’s one more?”

Well…  Now over ten years later…  We aren’t college students anymore.  We have a little townhouse with a galley kitchen, but we can do so much in it.  When planning out our guest list, we now joke, “What’s one more family?” Continue reading