Quick Check-In

I hadn’t seen my laptop in  a couple of weeks.  No, it was not lost.  It just got tucked in a drawer, and I didn’t have a reason to take it out until today.  I had quite a bit of correspondence to catch up on!

Trust me:  I want to update this blog with pictures from my time in Ohio and North Carolina.  I want to boast about completing several more knitting projects this year.  I want to share how proud I am of my little girl who would rather eat onions than mac’n’cheese.

However, I feel like time is constantly escaping me when I’m on the laptop.  I’d rather plan a summer party, knit that second sock, and get dinner started.  So the laptop going away for a little bit again.

Catch you later!



Week in Review

I’m realizing this has been a good week. A lot has happened, and it’s just sinking in now.

I prepared a list of things that needed to be done in relation to the coming baby. First off, we need to transform the guest room into the new nursery. We plan on putting the two girls in there. However, it’s not as simple as moving furniture. The guest room is the last room that hasn’t been re-insulated. The panels need to come down. I am eager to replace the closet doors and patch the hole in that closet’s ceiling that once served as an entrance to the attic. There was also discussion of re-doing the carpet so that it matches the rest of the third level. Oh, and I want this done by July so that Wren has plenty of time to adjust to her new room. This is a big project in and of itself, but there is so much more to be done.

I have had so many sleepless nights since learning I was carrying a girl. We had a boy’s name picked out, but we just couldn’t agree on a girl’s name. I would say the girl’s full name in my dream, and I would jolt awake trying to remember what that pretty name was. I never could. Well, at last we agreed on a first name this week. It’s unique, and according to the interwebz, not unpopular with our last name so I’m hoping our families will like it, too. I am resting much better at night, but we still need to agree on a middle name. (Part of me wants to continue my Scottish family tradition and omit the middle name altogether, but Okey is against that idea.)

Unrelated to the baby, but related to getting the house in order before her arrival, I am wanting to de-clutter the large pieces of furniture that have been accumulating in our master bedroom. Today a neighbor will help Okey move a large bookcase down into our dining room where the rest of the set is, as well as rearrange some of the pieces there to make it fit. Since becoming a parent, I am willing to let the wine display rack go.

While I was clearing off the bookcase in the bedroom, I came across a great surprise. Our national parks annual pass! I guess I didn’t throw it away after all during my last cleaning blitz.

What else? We just signed up for the birthing class in August. My work has been steady, so that’s good. Okey and Wren are almost over their colds. I’m reducing the amount of Flovent I take daily as part of my doctor’s recommendation, and all seems to be going well despite my initial fears. I’ve confirmed plans to meet next week with another family who adopted their sweet little girl from the same hospital at the same time as us. I saw the OB, and she reported no anomalies from the last ultrasound. And, oh my, I can’t believe it was this past Sunday. We witnessed our dear friend’s son get baptized.

What a great week. I hope your alls’s has been great, too!

It’s a…

Now that the last of my immediate family has been notified, I get to share the following news with you:

On Friday, Okey and I went in for our 20 week anatomy scan. The doctor will tell us the detailed results on Thursday, but the ultrasound technician was able to tell us right away that I am expecting a girl!

I still can’t believe that in another 20 weeks, we’ll get to meet her.

At the tea party on Saturday, we had a lot of red fruits.  Cranberries in the scones (instead of blueberries), raspberries in the homemade ginger ale (instead of blackberries), strawberry spread (instead of grape), etc.  We also decorated with lots of pink roses and pink floating candles. Okey and I had a lot of fun coming up with subtle clues.

I’m so excited that in a few years, I’ll be having pretend tea parties with my two little girls.

20 Weeks

Today marks the beginning of the second half of this pregnancy. As someone who was told that becoming pregnant was very unlikely, I am still in shock that this, my first and only, pregnancy is still happening.

The first two months were the roughest. Hardly a minute went by that I wasn’t suffering from morning sickness or extreme exhaustion, not to mention that the asthma was yet undiagnosed. I could not have made it through that rough patch without my dear husband. His company decided to close his office in Reston, and so he has been working from home everyday. Truly, this became a blessing. Wren would play in his home office while I was resting. The two of them have this bond that otherwise wouldn’t have existed.

My energy returned in the third month, and Wren and I enjoyed exploring the outdoors together. The morning sickness continued into the third month, but it tapered down a bit in the fourth month. I still feel nausea from time to time, but I am grateful that I can keep my food down. Although the number on the scale has remained constant, my belly is growing. I’ve been in maternity clothes for eight weeks or so. My new wardrobe is limited, but I feel that I can handle any occasion. (I am still looking for a maternity swimsuit, though.)


I was unable to travel in February and March, so I took advantage of my good health during the first part of the second trimester to visit family in Ohio and dear friends in North Carolina. Each trip wore me out, and I’m recognizing I still need to take it easy.

I only have three big trips left before September. We are going on vacation in June. Although I will be in my third trimester, my OB says I am allowed to go. I am so very much looking forward to the beach. My family is planning a 50th wedding celebration for my parents, and I very much want to be a part of that. Lastly, I want to visit my husband’s family. Summer is when his folks return North, and the family gathers at their house for good food and fun.

I am also looking ahead to the short-term. On Friday, I go in for the second ultrasound. This is when I will find out if I am carrying a boy or a girl. I’m hosting a tea party this Saturday, and I am excited to hide clues that will reveal the gender.

And then we wait another 20 weeks.