Another Health Update

Since the last visit with my primary doctor a couple of weeks ago, I have been feeling pretty close to normal.  I actually went on a hike Friday with my walking partner.  We each carried our babies in the front and our backpacks, well, on our backs.  I did pretty well until the last hill.  I wasn’t sure if I was out of breath because I was out of shape (my last hike was in January) or if it was the asthma.  I decided not to risk it and took a couple of puffs from my rescue inhaler.  All in all, I was pretty happy with what I had accomplished.

Today I had a follow up with the primary doctor.  Even though I felt pretty fine, I needed to be told if I can continue my medications as-is or if he feels any adjustments should be made.  We had a good discussion about it all, and he thinks that I should be able to reduce the amount of puffs on my controller inhaler next month.  He also advised me to take my rescue inhaler 30 minutes before any future strenuous activities such as another hike I’m going on this afternoon.

Near the end of our appointment, my doctor thanked me for being a happy, healthy patient.  He told me how difficult it is to see so many obese people coming in (and wanting a pill).  I let him know that I had recently been struggling with the concept of my weight , and I thanked him for this encouragement.  He went on to say that my husband and I are both slender and active, and that he knows our children will be healthy, something about not worrying about America because of us, etc., etc. etc.  Oh, how good I still feel after that discussion!  I’m pretty sure that I’m going to be used as an example for those kinds of patients.  I can hear him now, “Earlier today I had a woman come into the office.  She is pregnant and has asthma, and you know what? She’s going for a hike later today!”

Even though it will be nearly 90° today, I can’t wait for that hike.

I try to walk with Wren around the neighborhood everyday.  Yesterday, as we opened the door to leave, she vigorously nodded her head.  I’m so thrilled that I have instilled the love in the outdoors with her.


4 thoughts on “Another Health Update

    • I certainly have enjoyed returning to my previous activities. It is also a relief being able to carry Wren or the laundry up the stairs. Okey has been a tremendous help, but it’s good to be self-sufficient.


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