Fun Project Time: Open Terrarium

For a while, I’ve really wanted to make a terrarium.  It might have had something to do with this site.  And perhaps a friend who has a miniature one that I’ve admired for a long time.  But thanks to Kids by Hand, I was actually motivated to make one this weekend.  It was too cold to go outside with my little one yesterday, but Wren happily watched as we made strange messes on the kitchen table.

After doing a bit of my own research, I opted to make an open terrarium as I have a lot of currently unused vases.  Then I purchased two succulent mimicries (a split rock and baby toes) and a cactus.

I also bought some little pebbles for the drainage which went in first.   I picked the pretty ones since these will be seen through the glass.

The charcoal which serves to keep the soil fresh was gathered from our chiminea in the backyard.

Then we added soil and the plants.  We learned that the foundation level was too great, and the cactus was too tall, so we had to omit it from the terrarium.

What I’ve observed in most terrariums is that there is also a little objet d’art which adds charm and character.  Usually it’s a little statue.  For mine, I decided to use a white rubber cork from Horton Vineyards.  (Fun fact:  My blogging hobby started as a way to journal my adventures to Virginia wineries.)

This terrarium, due to its plants, requires a bit of direct sunlight.  A moss will not do well in this environment.  The baby toes are supposed to grow laterally so I’m hoping they will act as ground cover.

I had a lot of fun with this project, and I hope that it will do well despite my lack of green thumbs.

I hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful weekend!


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