A week or two after I returned from Chicago, I got a phone call from my former boss.  She was letting me know that they unfortunately had to let my replacement go, and she was asking if I wanted my old job back.  Had I not just learned that I was pregnant, I might have considered accepting her offer on the spot.  However, we reached a compromise.  I would work on specific projects from home.  I could do these projects at my own pace as long as I got the work done by the deadlines.  Seriously, this is a dream job.  I couldn’t say no.  I agreed to return to work temporarily — until they find my new replacement or until the end of August.

I thought this income could be used to buy new maternity clothes and put the rest into savings; however, it’s contributing to my recent medical bills.

I’m very sorry to hear that my replacement is no longer there.  We used to work together at that company, and I thought she would be a perfect fit.  She was well liked and a good worker.  Obviously, I was wrong.

I’m relieved to know that we can pay these extra bills which seem to come in the mail every day now.  Does that make me a bad person?  That I’m relieved to remain “comfortable” while there’s a good person, a single mother, who’s not able to provide an income for her household?

What’s good timing for me is bad timing for her.

Don’t you know?  I struggle with guilt.


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