More Adventures in Knitting: Leg Warmers

This past winter, I felt that my little girl needed a little something warm to add to her wardrobe:  leg warmers!  Our Spring mornings here have been very cool, so I still have her wear them with her shorts or a dress.  These warmers easily come off once the sun comes out.

Leg Warmers

She likes them!

I have to toot my own horn here.  At the Gap Kids, I was asked where I bought them… 🙂

– –

For my future reference, and in case you want to make a pair as well, here how I made the leg warmers with circles and stripes:

Yarn:  Washable Ewe (worsted/sport weight) — Sadly Discontinued

Main Color:  Cottontail

Second Color:  Lilac

Needles:  Size 4, double pointed

Cast on 48 stitches in main color.

Rows 1 – 6:  K2P2 ribbing.

Rows 7 & 8:  Knit stockinette stitch for two rows.

Rows 9:  K2 in main color, K2 in second color . ( K4 in main color, K2 in second color. ) * K2 in main color.

Rows 10 – 12:  K1 in main color, K4 in second color.  ( K2 in main color, K4 in second color. ) * K1 in main color.

Row 13:  Repeat Row 9.

Rows 14 & 15:  Knit stockinette stitch for two rows.

Rows 16 & 17:   Switch to second color, knit stockinette stitch for two rows.

Rows 18 & 19:  Switch to main color, knit stockinette stitch for two rows.

Repeat Rows 16 – 19 twice.

Rows 24 & 25:  Switch to second color, knit stockinette stitch for two rows.

Row 26:  K2 in second color, K2 in main color.  (K4 in second color, K2 in main color.)  * K2 in second color.

Rows 27 -29:  K1 in second color, K4 in main color.  (K2 in second color, K4 in main color.) * K1 in second color.

Row 30:  Repeat Row 26.

Rows 31 & 32:  Knit stockinette stitch for two rows.

Rows 33 – 38:  K2P2 ribbing.

Bind off.

I attempted to chart the colorwork here.  You can click on the image to enlarge it.  The charting begins starts at Row 7, right after the ribbing:

chart for leg warmers


Burp Cloths

An acquaintance I know through several people was expecting a little girl, and I asked if there was anything she still needed.  Her answer was burp cloths as she hadn’t been able to find any.  I searched for heavy duty cloth diapers which work as burp cloths as well, and likewise, I was unsuccessful.  I decided that I could make her a set of burp cloths, so I picked up my knitting needles.  When I got word that she had already given birth, I put down the needles and took out the sewing machine.

I settled on this pattern by Made by Rae which didn’t look fancy or difficult.  Very quickly, I made three beautiful burp cloths.

I just bound off the knitted burp cloth today, and the completed set is on its way to the new mom and her daughter.  I followed the pattern for a chevron baby blanket found on the Purl Bee.  Of course, I used much smaller cotton yarn and size 7 needles.  It was a fun little project overall.

For my future reference, here is what I did:

Cast on 46 via a knitted cast on.  (14 stitches per section, plus 2 at the beginning and 2 at the end)

Knit 14 rows of yellow,

(4 rows of white, 4 rows of yellow) repeat once,

30 rows of variegated yarn,

(4 rows of yellow, 4 rows of white) repeat once,

Knit 13 rows of yellow and bind off on wrong side using method found on blanket link.

Handmade Burp Cloths

(The sewn burp cloths measure 17.5″ x 11.5″ – to be folded lengthwise when used.  I forgot to block/measure the knitted one, but it was a good size to drape over the shoulder.)

A Perfect Spring Hike

We’re looking for new place to hike.  [Somehow recently I went through a cleaning frenzy at the same time of experiencing baby brain, and I threw away our annual national park pass.]   So basically we were looking for a free park.  I also wanted a park that offered a bit of a challenge.  I prefer hilly trails with tree roots to smooth and flat paths.

We felt that Whitney State Park was suitable, and off we went.  Although not technically far from our house, it was a region we weren’t accustomed to.  Well, when you don’t know you’re lost, you just keep on going…  And so it took us two hours to get to a destination 45 minutes from our house.  (Honestly, I don’t know why the man driving the car was taking directions from the woman who threw away a perfectly valid park pass.)

I was excited to try out my new Deuter baby carrier.  It was very comfortable in the store where I carried Wren up and down the steps without a problem.  We did have to make a few adjustments to the pack as we went, but all in all, I am very happy with it.  I think Wren was okay with it, too.

Whitney State Park Hike

I tried to not overdo it today, as I want to go on another hike with a friend tomorrow.  I want to get enough experience with the pack so that I can be independent as I meet up with some friends later next week at another new and free park.

The weather was perfect for today’s excursion considering we were roughly 20° cooler from the previous highs of the week.  I don’t think it ever brok 70°.  This is what Spring should be like!

Thankful for a Little Thing

On Thursday night I dreamt that I felt the baby kick.  I was taken aback because I haven’t really been anxiously awaiting to feel the baby move.  To be honest, I’ve been pretty relaxed throughout this pregnancy.

Anyway, as yesterday progressed, I thought more and more about that dream.  I wondered if perhaps it wasn’t a dream.  Did I actually feel the baby move while I was asleep and the sensation entered my dream?

As I was lying still going to bed last night, I can most assuredly tell you I felt movement.  It was ever so faint, and I only noticed it when I was still.  I’m so thankful for this little nudge.

And thanks for letting me share it with you. 🙂

Another Health Update

Since the last visit with my primary doctor a couple of weeks ago, I have been feeling pretty close to normal.  I actually went on a hike Friday with my walking partner.  We each carried our babies in the front and our backpacks, well, on our backs.  I did pretty well until the last hill.  I wasn’t sure if I was out of breath because I was out of shape (my last hike was in January) or if it was the asthma.  I decided not to risk it and took a couple of puffs from my rescue inhaler.  All in all, I was pretty happy with what I had accomplished.

Today I had a follow up with the primary doctor.  Even though I felt pretty fine, I needed to be told if I can continue my medications as-is or if he feels any adjustments should be made.  We had a good discussion about it all, and he thinks that I should be able to reduce the amount of puffs on my controller inhaler next month.  He also advised me to take my rescue inhaler 30 minutes before any future strenuous activities such as another hike I’m going on this afternoon.

Near the end of our appointment, my doctor thanked me for being a happy, healthy patient.  He told me how difficult it is to see so many obese people coming in (and wanting a pill).  I let him know that I had recently been struggling with the concept of my weight , and I thanked him for this encouragement.  He went on to say that my husband and I are both slender and active, and that he knows our children will be healthy, something about not worrying about America because of us, etc., etc. etc.  Oh, how good I still feel after that discussion!  I’m pretty sure that I’m going to be used as an example for those kinds of patients.  I can hear him now, “Earlier today I had a woman come into the office.  She is pregnant and has asthma, and you know what? She’s going for a hike later today!”

Even though it will be nearly 90° today, I can’t wait for that hike.

I try to walk with Wren around the neighborhood everyday.  Yesterday, as we opened the door to leave, she vigorously nodded her head.  I’m so thrilled that I have instilled the love in the outdoors with her.

A Bloggerly Post

About a month ago, I was tagged in a blog hop by Kelly at Making Monkey Soup.  This blog hop is a way to introduce bloggers and their readers to new sites and also to provide some insight into the tagged blogger (in this case, me).  I believe this started out for serious writers, but it has since devolved as I was tagged.  (I have no other explanation.)  I have put off answering the questions for a long time, so I hope that I have proven that I am not worthy to be tagged ever again.

Here are the five questions:

1.)  Tell me about your writing process.  Do you plan out what you’re writing or sit down and do it?  What was the greatest surprise about this writing process for you?

First and foremost, I need to make this disclaimer:  I don’t like to write.   Creative writing was one of my least favourite subjects in school.  I always got my papers back with lots of red ink on them.  My spelling was usually pretty good (if you don’t mind the fact that I spell things like the British).  I always seemed to struggle with the flow and keeping my audience captive.  As a consequence, I am very critical about my writing and don’t like to share with critical people.

I have exactly 30 blog posts sitting as drafts.    What gets published here is usually a heavily revised draft.  Other times I just sit down to write and hit publish before I get up again.

Considering how much of a chore I found my homework to be, I’m actually surprised that I have been blogging for three years.  I also can’t believe the amazing women I’ve gotten to know here on WordPress through the adoption tag.

2.)  What was your worst job?  (It doesn’t have to be about writing.)  Why?  What did you learn from it?

Right before I got married, I worked for a temp agency.  Most of my job placements were very short as I usually just needed to fill in for someone who was on vacation.  However, I found a long-term position at an insurance company that was supposed to last right until I got married several months later.    I was hired to help digitize their records.  This was my first experience at a hostile work environment.

I usually just kept to myself and did my work, but there was no privacy in the open space.  The women there were so caddy. They were always picking on each other, but that was unless someone had juicy gossip from their private life.  I guess the manager suspected that her husband was cheating on her, and a few of the women decided to help her steal the husband’s car.  I eventually asked for another assignment because I was very uncomfortable working with people who were so open about their possible criminal behaviour.  I remember wanting to stay as it took a while to get that job, but I don’t regret moving on.

I wish I didn’t stay there for as long as I did because I learned that better opportunities do exist.

3.)  If you knew that tonight would be your last meal for a week, what would you eat?

I would want my white lasagna.  It’s stuffed with vegetables and carbs, and it fills me up for a longtime.  I’d have a summer salad on the side.  If I weren’t pregnant in this scenario, I’d pair it with a Viognier from Potomac Point.  For dessert, I’d have a slice of warm apple pie (the kind with cinnamon, raisins, and walnuts) with some simple vanilla bean ice cream.

4.)  How do you feel about frogs?

Did you know that my childhood nickname was Polliwog?  And that it comes from the old English word polwygle which I’ve named my blog?  (Evidently I was pretty bad at crawling and reminded everyone of a tadpole.  With my name, it made a perfect nickname.)

I have frog statues and tchotchkes in my home, but I cannot stand to be around the real thing.  They are so slimy and squishy.  What’s with that?  How can it be stepped on AND be perfectly all right?  They just seem so unnatural as far as critters go.  Plus, they are rather noisy.

5.)  Where is your favorite place to chill out and why?

I like to sit at my dining room table where I spread out with my laptop, a notebook, and sometimes my knitting needles.  The wooden chairs aren’t all that comfortable, but I like the soft light from the window and the general ambience in the room.  I also usually have something baking or simmering in the kitchen, so I like to be close enough to check in on it.  Not to mention the proximity to the fridge…

Well, now I have to run off and make a cheesecake.  Before I let you go, though, I figure I need to at least continue the tradition of tagging three other bloggers.

1.)  Luanne of Don’t We Look Alike? also has a blogging site devoted to writing called… Writer Site.  I like the thoughtful exercises she generally posts at the end.

Now that I have an actual writer’s blog out of the way, let me recommend a couple of my college friends:

2.)  Sarah at Long Tall Yarn is really witty.  I love the way she knits words together and the stories she tells.

3.)  My anonymous friend at Yellow Flower Smile is also a gifted writer as she has a firm grasp of language.  I’ve given you a link straight to her poetry.

Fun Project Time: Open Terrarium

For a while, I’ve really wanted to make a terrarium.  It might have had something to do with this site.  And perhaps a friend who has a miniature one that I’ve admired for a long time.  But thanks to Kids by Hand, I was actually motivated to make one this weekend.  It was too cold to go outside with my little one yesterday, but Wren happily watched as we made strange messes on the kitchen table.

After doing a bit of my own research, I opted to make an open terrarium as I have a lot of currently unused vases.  Then I purchased two succulent mimicries (a split rock and baby toes) and a cactus.

I also bought some little pebbles for the drainage which went in first.   I picked the pretty ones since these will be seen through the glass.

The charcoal which serves to keep the soil fresh was gathered from our chiminea in the backyard.

Then we added soil and the plants.  We learned that the foundation level was too great, and the cactus was too tall, so we had to omit it from the terrarium.

What I’ve observed in most terrariums is that there is also a little objet d’art which adds charm and character.  Usually it’s a little statue.  For mine, I decided to use a white rubber cork from Horton Vineyards.  (Fun fact:  My blogging hobby started as a way to journal my adventures to Virginia wineries.)

This terrarium, due to its plants, requires a bit of direct sunlight.  A moss will not do well in this environment.  The baby toes are supposed to grow laterally so I’m hoping they will act as ground cover.

I had a lot of fun with this project, and I hope that it will do well despite my lack of green thumbs.

I hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful weekend!