A dog and her girl

I have learned a couple of ways to get my mutt Susie into the kitchen. Neither require me to call her name.

  1. I just need to peel a banana. It doesn’t matter where in the house my mutt is napping, she will come into the kitchen expecting me to give her a portion of my banana.
  2. I just need to put Wren into her highchair. Susie will race in and immediately start “cleaning” the floors by the time Wren is strapped in.

Susie & Wren

These two are finally becoming best friends. On Monday, they were actually playing fetch. Wren would throw the tennis ball down the hallway, and Susie would retrieve it. Wren would just smile and laugh at this new game, and both were probably enjoying the attention. I am so happy for them to reach this point.


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