Adoption: Officially Ours

Our agency told us a while ago, but we wanted to wait until we got the official paperwork before we made a public announcement.  Now I can’t seem to type it fast enough.  She’s ours, 100% ours.  And, as Okey points out, we are officially hers!

Maybe it’s like this in other states, but we did not step foot in the courtroom once.  It was a strange feeling to have this part of the adoption process occur behind closed doors, as it were, considering how much paperwork and involvement was required from us in the beginning.  We might have called the lawyer more than once just to make sure we were still on track, and she’d assure us that we were actually ahead of schedule.   The adoption was finalized in roughly three months.  In fact, the decree was entered on Wren’s nine month birthday.  (How cool is that?)

We are just so elated.  This news is one of the best Christmas presents ever.

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