Wren at Nine Months

Wren is curious and determined which means she can get about anywhere she wants.  She crawls.  (I didn’t even know speed crawling was possible until she showed me that it was.)  She cruises along furniture.  She can even stand on her own for a few seconds.


She’s started to rotate while standing.  I don’t think she means to take steps by herself, and she startles herself down to the floor often.  She walks with a wheeled toy quite naturally, though, so I think walking will happen before too long.


It seems like that top tooth has been trying to cut through for the past four weeks.  Sleeping through the night is almost a forgotten memory.


Wren babbles a lot.  She seems to say “mama,” “dada,” and “baybay.”  She makes kissing sounds, “mwah mwah mwah,” all day long.  She’ll even go “mama mama mwah baybay.”  I doubt that she’s really saying a sentence, yet my heart melts.


She still eats her puréed foods and rice cereals, and we’ve introduced her to chicken.  She’ll also eat mushy peas and sliced bananas with her fingers. So it’s not a surprise that her best friend is Susie.  Dropping food, and even outright giving it to the dog, has improved their relationship considerably.


Despite all the signs that my baby girl is growing up, she still refuses to drink from the sippy cup or to hold the bottle herself.  I enjoy our snuggle times during feeding, and I am grateful that I don’t have to give that up just yet.


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