I didn’t see any birds, but I did see a couple of loons.

“Today is yours,” my true love said to me on Saturday morning.

I replied, “Oh, really?!  I was just reading about this super cool yarn shop in Vienna. Let’s go!”

I didn’t stop to ask if that’s what he had in mind when he made his offer, but he didn’t seem to be too surprised.  To make myself feel better, I suggested we could visit the also super cool Great Falls National Park afterwards.  Again, he didn’t seem to be disappointed.

We made it to Uniquities shortly after they opened, and it was a busy place.  There were lots of workers, shoppers, and even a knitting class going on upstairs. This was not a depressing store.  I made my purchase of scrumptious yarn after we were shown the spinning wheels.  (Ultimately, that’s why I wanted to check out the yarn shop.  Hopefully, more on that later.)

As we were leaving, we spotted the coolest restaurant across the street from the yarn shop.  I had only ever seen one in France.  Could there really be one here… in America, in Virginia?  Dear friends, I am talking about a crȇperie.  And if we drove all the way to Toronto to eat at a pâtisserie, we by all means were going to that Crȇpe Amour across the street.  Okey didn’t seem to be annoyed at this idea.

As we were eating our déjeuners, he did seem to be amused that again across the street was a quilt shop.  I graciously told him that I did not need to go there that day.   He seemed relieved.

Rapids at Great Falls

The fog had finally lifted as we made it to the park, but it was still a bit chilly.  The park, which is usually packed in the summer, was fairly quiet.  In addition to the lack of a crowd, the usual wildlife was missing.  We noticed a couple of kayakers let in on the Maryland side of the Potomac River, and we watched them paddle up the rapids.  Once they made it to the big rock in the middle, they started to climb it.  Then after surveying the rapids, one got into his kayak, and down he went.

There are signs all over the park saying don’t go into the water and don’t climb rocks lest you’d risk death or a $6,000 fine.  A ranger stood by me half-way through their stunt, I asked him if these people were allowed to be out there.  He said that these guys were.

Here’s the 4-minute video of the kayaker going down the rapid:

(My apologies on the jostly-ness of the video — I was being kicked by little legs.)

After this little “show,” we walked along the River Trail and stumbled upon some rock climbers making their descent.  We also spotted some people standing on their paddle kayaks.  A friendly stranger took our picture here, and you can see yet another kayaker going down the rapids.

Together at GF NP

On our way back to the car, we were passed by a trail runner and we spotted a horse.  In all the times that I’ve been to this park, I’ve never seen so many different activities going on.  Who would have thought all it would take is one chilly day for all the loons to come out?


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