Stone Roller: Wren’s First Costume

Our church has a Fall Carnival every year for the community, and a lot of people show up in costume. We were dressed as a bowling team.  Okey and I cheated a bit because, well, we were actually on a bowling team for a couple of years so we just wore our old shirts.

Using an old pillow case and some scraps, I sewed Wren’s shirt following this Small Dream Factory pattern.  The size is supposed to be for a 12-18 month old boy, but it barely fit my then seven-month old girl.  I had to put in a last-minute gusset-like allowance on the sleeves for her.  The collar was a bit wonky, so I just made my own following this simple advice at BurdaStyle.

I liked that we used the old bowling ball bag as the diaper bag, but I think that fact was lost on everyone there which is why I’m explaining it to you here.  Oh, well.


2 thoughts on “Stone Roller: Wren’s First Costume

  1. This is so cute. You are so talented. I always wished I’d inherited my grandmother’s talent with the needle so I could do fun stuff like this!


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